Holding your baby all day long can be a very stressful job especially if you’re a working mom. After those long hours of working your back against the wall, you go back home thinking you’re going to have some rest at last but the first moment you enter the premises  you hear those loud cries of your baby from a distance, the more you get closer to the front door the louder the cries are, a crying machine waiting for you, isn’t it terrifying ? Yeah, indeed it is. Babies are different, there’re those little lovely angels who never make a sound and those little sinister who don’t like to be held by people other than their moms, as if they are saying « No strangers are allowed to touch us ».

Why Does Your Baby Cry When Strangers Hold Them?


As any other mom around the world, the first few months for me were just unbearable, frustrating and exhausting. I couldn’t even have a time for myself, everything around me was about the baby, what does she want ? Is she hungry ? did I change her diapers ? And so forth ! I was losing it as the saying goes. I, literally, begun to hate myself and the boring routine I was into. So the only thing I could come up with is to get a membership in a child care center, drop my baby there and enjoy a free time for myself. Eventually that’s what I did, I was given a two hours window to practice sports or just sit and read a book, however this didn’t work out as I planned, I was obliged to go back every ten minutes and hold my baby because it just didn’t stop crying, I know I shouldn’t say this but she was definitely a kill-joy !

Stranger anxiety or fears of strangers is a common reaction among babies. This protective mechanism appears at around the age of five months, when babies start to study the people around them to distinguish between who can be trusted and who can not, who is a caregiver and who is not. According to psychologists around the globe, this reaction is quite normal, natural and has no negative significations.

The second interpretation of your baby’s cries is that he/she is trying to reflect your own feelings towards people you meet, that is ; when you are walking down the street, holding your baby to your chest, then suddenly you’re interrupted by someone you completely ignore, they try to ask you for something, I don’t know, a place they want to get to, that instant feeling you get when you’re surprised by their question stresses you a bit and spontaneously is transmitted to your child who in his turn feels panicked and eventually starts to cry. Babies mimic your feelings and emotions therefore you should always be positive in the way you feel. Be happy.


There’re many different ways to make your lovely baby stop crying. Personally, I’d take my child from that strangers hands and hold him, or you can train him to get accustomed to strangers, for instance, when you’re at the mall doing your usual shopping, you can always ask someone to hold your baby for you, this way you help him develop a certain ability to accept strangers around him.




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