Vaccines reduce the risk of many feline diseases including the fatal ones. Your cat may live longer if provided with the necessary vaccinations and health boosters along with nutrition and exercise.

Here are some of the common serious diseases and how can vaccination cure them.

Feline infectious enteritis

Feline infectious enteritis is considered as one of the most dangerous feline diseases. It is often fatal and necessitates vaccination. The main cause of this severe disease is the panleukopenia virus or as it is commonly FPV. Vaccines against it have been successful for a very long time.

Cat flu

Cat flu has two types, the feline Herpes-virus and the feline Calciferous. Vaccination reduces the extent of these viruses and protects your cat from prolonged sickness, but it doesn’t eliminate the threat completely.

Feline leukemia virus

The bad news is that this virus lasts for lifelong. Cats diagnosed with this disease usually die within 2 years. Relative diseases such as Lymphoma and progressive anemia may also appear.Cats attract this virus via cat-to-cat contact, usually through saliva and bites. It is definitely not an airborne virus. Vaccines are required to stop this serious illness.

Feline Chlamydophilosis

This disease is a bacterium. It affects the conjunctivitis in cats. It can’t be transmitted through hair, but it is transferred through direct contact between cats. It spreads in multi-cat households. Contacting your vet is useful to eliminate such threat.

Caring for your cat is as much important as caring for one of your children. That’s why it crucial to provide this creature with everything it needs including a shelter, food and most of all health care such as vaccination. A lovely cat merits your affection for it’s all that it wants from you. so, be gentle and caring because it won’t take much from you. Good Luck!


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