Travelling with your baby always ends up with you bringing huge amounts of supplies such as binkies, bottles, blankets and diapers. It’s no different when travelling with your cat. You really have to be prepared for a whole list of items which makes your trip easier and healthier for your cat.

Packing for your cat:

  • There’re several supplies your cat needs when travelling. Food, small dishes, a litter, collar, leash, grooming supplies and a first aid kit are all necessary for a peaceful trip. Don’t forget to pack the necessary medications and few of your cat’s favorite toys. Toys may relax your cat and relive him from stress as they remind him of home.
  • Throughout the trip, your cat must wear a collar with his ID tags on it. These tags should specify both your address and your telephone number or an alternative address and telephone number to contact you when travelling.
  • For the safety of your cat, you should put your cat in a carrier when travelling by car. On plane, carriers are mandatory and they should be smooth-edged and durable.

Preparing your cat:

  • You should help your cat get used to the carrier ahead of time. This should be done months preceding your travelling. You start by putting your cat’s food inside the carrier and let him explore it for brief periods. Or, you can put your cat in the carrier and take few rounds around the neighborhood.
  • Like us, cats too have the motion sickness. You can relieve your cat from this sickness by feeding him ice cubes all along the trip. Or, you can provide your cat with a light meal three hours before your travelling.

Even if your cat doesn’t like travelling, it can always get used to it if provided with the right supplies and good preparations. Always try to make plans ahead and pack the necessary items to make your cat’s trip comfortable and enjoyable. Don’t forget to take breaks periodically during the trip.


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