Top 10 Best Backlink Checker and Analysis Tools That’ll Help Your SEO

#9: Kerboo

The backlink checker Kerboo comes with a number of tools that you can put to use. It is the Monitor tool that Kerboo offers will enable you to better understand your website’s link profile. You will have to actually run a search and review the results in order to fully appreciate as to what this webmaster tool can do for you.

The coolest feature of Kerboo is its ability to create a links list that you consider is very important for you, meaning the links you are interested in keeping irrespective of what it takes. If this feature is enabled, this backlink checker tool will automatically check the links on a daily basis. Kerboo will then notify if the link is taken down for some reason or no-followed consecutively for three days, giving you an opportunity to find out why.

Kerboo also helps you to keep the bad links out of your link profile and ensures that they don’t reappear later on. Further, Kerboo can be used in many ways. It is, therefore, important that you are familiar with its features.

#10: cognitiveSEO