Top 10 Best Backlink Checker and Analysis Tools That’ll Help Your SEO

#5: Monitor Backlinks

In online marketing, nothing is more important than the link profile of your website. This backlink checker does not only allow you to understand your website’s bad links, but also gives you an idea of the competitor’s good links. This is to say that this tool helps you to understand as to what your competition is doing.

One of the key aspects of this free backlink checker is that it can be connected to your Google Analytics account. The advantage is you receive email alerts as and when you lose/gain a backlink. Both losing and gaining are important as far as your link profile is concerned. Additionally, you can set up alerts to understand as to how your competitors are doing with respect to link building.

The other metrics related to search engine optimization that Monitor Backlinks offers includes backlink status checker, referring traffic per backlink, external link count, MozRank, and page and domain authority. Further, this link checker tool tracks the following three specific scenarios and provides alerts:

  • When a blogger is reviewing your product/service.
  • When you are acquiring a valuable backlink.
  • When your competitors are involving in link building efforts.