Top 10 Best Backlink Checker and Analysis Tools That’ll Help Your SEO

cognitiveSEO offers several Internet marketing tools, including one for backlink analysis. This tool may not be very popular, but is as powerful as other tools.

You can make use of the alert system provided by cognitiveSEO to set up triggers and notifications as regards your site or the competitors. When you enable this feature, the data is delivered to your inbox directly. This way you can save a great deal of time. To get an inside view of your website’s link profile, you need to learn about the site explorer and instant backlink checker. This is a simpler way to view the backlinks to your website. It also includes real-time data, growth trends and historical information, among others.

The best thing about this backlink checker is the way it presents the information. You can clearly identify information such as link velocity, NoFollow vs. DoFollow, and breakdown of each link with link and domain influence.

In conclusion, SEO is not a very complicated process. You just have to do few thinks, including maintaining a healthy link profile. To get closer to your marketing goals, you just have to make good use of these link checker tools.

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