The 10 animals in the world that are extremely dangerous




It is one of the most dangerous animals and also one of the dealiest ones where it transfers diseases to almost 700 million people every year , which could lead them to the death.



Saltwater Crocodile


This animal eats everything including buffalo and sharks and turns them into a food. It has a technique called « death roll », it means to flip over and over in the water until it gets then comes apart.



Poison Dart Fog



It has 2 inches of colorful amphibian which  is enough poison to kill 20,000 mice, its poison is able to stop the heart beats successfully and to make things worse than ever, it is situated on the surface of the skin.


Black Mamba



It’s one of the most scary animals in the world and it’s even called « death incarnate » by some experts. It’s a highly aggressive, very fast, and attacking without provocation according to myths and legends which the source is Africa.



Great white shark



David Fleetham

Most of the humans believe that the sharks  eat humans which is completely wrong, they usually walk away from you and bleed out in the water.


African Lion


National Geographic

This animal is known to eat humans. There is one famous case in the world that happened in 1898 in Tsavo that resulted in death of 28 railway workers in Kenya during 9 months.





William Warby

This animal is usually shy and doesn’t attack humans, but things will be worse if it attacks. It has got a poison that can stop the blood clotting and there will be a slow death.



Puffer Fish


Mila Zinkova

It is one of the poisonous vertebrates in the world. It has a poison being able to paralyze your diaphragm and stop your breathing if you can’t find the cure.




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Historically, they are known to attack humans due to their strong affinity for human corpses.




Komodo Dragon


Kenneth Garrett

The komodo dragon eats everything including humans. It is considered as a smart hunter where it waits until its prey approaches than it attack that prey, but it rarely eats humans due to the limited interaction.