Playing with your cat is very important, especially with kittens; because it teaches them the skills they need to survive and provide them with some lessons about life around them.

Playing is a useful way for your cat to get rid of its excessive energy, keep strong, healthy and alerted. The perfect games encourage your cat to run, jump, chasing objects and batting them with its paw safely.


Using toys to play with your pet is good source for the development of its behavior. According to scientists, toys can enhance the reaction of your cat and develop its skills. Toys can be purchased or made at home. Cats like playing using toys that move.


Cats can’t resist the catnip herb. They go crazy for it. So buying some toys that are stuffed with dried catnip would be a great idea. You won’t believe what your cat does if you hand it a toy like this and let it play.

Climb and hide

Probably the most exciting game that cats like is playing “climbing and hiding”. So getting your cat to an activity center would definitely be a wonderful thing to do. But if you are looking for a cheaper option you can provide your cat with cardboard boxes to play in.

Indoor cats

When it comes to entertainment, indoor cats need more playing than outdoor cats. So when its meal time, try to make it more challenging by feeding your cat through a puzzle feeder. Some useful ideas for creating such puzzles are just few clicks away.

Finally, cats are the coolest animals ever. All they need is affection and care. So if you have an adorable cat, love it and give it time for playing some interactive games. personally, I love my cat as much as I love my child. both are part and parcel of my happiness.



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