Pain is often hard to miss. We tend to complain when something hurts, whether we it’s something pointed we’ve just stepped or an aching back that hurts too much. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t easy to read. They never tell us if something hurts, but the limping and whining when they put pressure on a specific area is definitely a sign that something is aching. These are the most subtle signs your dog is in pain:

Excessive vocalization

Even if they try to be strong, dogs still express pain vocally along with a physical action; it’s hard to spot right away. A dog in pain might express vocally in many ways such as yelping, growling, snarling, whining, whimpering and even howling. If your dog is vocalizing strangely than you must see what’s going on with him immediately.

Excessive self-grooming

Dogs in pain often lick their paws in attempt to relieve themselves. Dogs ‘first instinct when hurt is to lick and clean the wound, but even if the pain is inside the body they lick the area where it hurts. When they have eye pain, they usually lick their paws and rub their eyes with it. Excessive self-grooming is often a sign that your dog needs to visit the vet.

Excessive sleeping, drinking and eating

When in pain, dogs usually sleep longer in attempt to heal themselves or because it’s hard to bare and move around. This often leads to a defect in appetite; your dog might eat and drink twice the amount it usually takes.

Altered breathing

When your dog pants without even taking an exercise or its breath is faster or slower, these are signs that your lovely dog is pain and needs to be checked up.

Changes to the eyes

Squint is what happens to dogs in pain. Moreover, your dog’s pupils may seem smaller than usual, but if the pain is in the other parts of the body, their pupils may seem bigger; in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Difficulty in sitting and lying down

It’s noticeably difficult for your dog to sit down and lie when it’s hurt. Because of this, you should keep your eyes open and check your dog for such difficulties. Your dog may try to sit down or lie down than immediately it stands up and moves around as if it can’t stay put.

Hiding or seeking affection

There’re two things dogs make when in pain, some dogs run away and hide in an attempt to avoid you while others will be all over you, seeking affection to heal their pain.

Aggressive behavior

There’s an expression that says, like a wounded animal. It’s quite true! Some dogs try to protect themselves against you when they are hurt or injured, thinking that you might hurt them more. Docile dogs might growl and pin their ears back while some aggressive dogs show the opposite behavior.

Symptoms can mean different things. You don’t have to just assume there’s something wrong with your dog, you can always use the magic of your hands by placing them gently and firmly over your dog’s body to see if there’s anything wrong and localize the source of ache.

If you your dog continue to behave oddly, you’ll have to visit your vet immediately to diagnose the problem.



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