Finally, there are a probable scientific prooves that could help you to protect yourself from a cold weather.

Illness in winter is very popular

Your mother had always been advising you to bundle up when it’s cold to protect you from getting ill. So what old wives used to say to their children, is now used in a new yale university-led study.

Researchers discovered that the cold virus can be more efficient in our the cooler temperature of our nasal passages than its activity in the body’s warmer core temperature in term of the reproduction, which is probably the main reason of sikness of many people. There is a theory that urge people to avoid all contacts with the sick people.

They had concluded that the rhinovirus- which causes the common cold could survive and thrive in cool noses instead of warm moist lungs. They focused on prior studies of the way that body temperature influenced the virus as opposed to the immune system according to study author and Yale University professor of immunobiology Akikp Iwasaki.

The researchers made a comparison between the immune response and the rhinovirus when cells had an incubation at 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) versus 33 degrees Celsius (96.8 Fahrenheit). “We found that the innate immune response to the rhinovirus is impaired at the lower body temperature compared to the core body temperature,” Iwasaki said.

And yet, the study looked at the implications of the mouse cells can translate and offer clues to the way that the humans handle the virus whose 20 percent have it in their nasal passages anytime. It is better to listen to your mother’s advice.



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