Hyper dog calming tips you didn’t know existed!


Hyper dog is often overly-excited due to boredom and of course the lack of stimulation. So, in order to find a solution to this problem, you need to evaluate your interaction with your hyper dog and the types of exercises you practice with your dog daily.

Here are some tips and tricks you may do at home to calm your hyper dog.

Don’t give attention to the behavior of your hyper dog

Usually your dog tries whatever it takes to get your attention. If you give attention to your hyper dog while he’s doing his thing, you’ll reinforce this bad behavior without you even notice. From now on, when your dog repeats his hyperactivity and starts to jump and nip, ignore him; avoid talking, touching or even eye contact with him. Eventually, you’d be surprised how fast he calms down.

Execute a task for your hyper dog

Giving your hyper dog a job to do can be extremely helpful. Hyperactivity can be caused by psychological factors more than physical ones. By giving your dog a task to focus on, you’re eliminating his hyperactivity and redirecting it towards another thing. For example, if you put a heavy back pack on your dog, he’ll concentrate on carrying that weight instead of getting distracted by other little animals such as squirrels.

Going for a walk can reduce hyperactivity

If your dog is overly-excited and has a lot of energy, a walk outside may be very effective to redirect this energy. Once that extra energy is burnt, your hyper dog will be completely exhausted and can’t jump or nip.

Your own energy is important

Your dog is like a mirror, he reflects everything you project him with. So, if you project high energy, he’ll certainly reflect it back to you. Your stress and anxiety are translated to a body language you didn’t even know it’s there including your tone of voice. These behaviors can be reflected on your dog and consequently causing his hyperactivity.

Use soothing smells

Dogs are special creature. They interact and experience the outside world using their scent. For us humans, it’s said that the smell of lavender relaxes our bodies, and so do dogs, a relaxing smell may soothe them and calm them down. Vets and holistic professionals may help you determine which smell works best for your hyper dog.


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