How to pet your cat: Do’s,dont’s and tips


Certainly, you know how to pet your cat and by now you’d have done it countless times. But while you may think you’re getting along with your cat, what makes you convinced your cat is enjoying it? It’s commonly known that all cats are different, however, there’re certain spots you may look for and some favorite areas to pet your cat. Whether you’re a cat owner or you just like to be friendly with cats, make sure to keep these tips of how to pet your cat in mind in order for your cat to enjoy the experience.

How to pet your cat correctly?

First of all, you have to announce yourself even if you have strong bonds with the cat you’re to trying to pet. Pam Johnson Bennett, cat behavior consultant, recommends that before you pet a cat, you should extend your fingers towards him as if you’re asking for permission. The cat, then, sniffs them, rubs his head on them or even meows.

After you’re granted the permission to pet your cat, you have to determine what’s best for your cat. It might seem tiny, but even the movement of your hand is very important. You have to be careful on how to pet your cat; you need to pet in the direction the fur flows.

While petting your cat, you should pay attention to your own behavior. You really don’t need to block your cat’s vision when petting his head; it’s usually perceived as a threat.

Which part of my cat’s body should I pet?


Even though you may know how to pet your cat and where to pet him, it’s necessary to know some basics. Petting a cat doesn’t come to everyone naturally. Children must be supervised when around cats, for both your cat and your child safety. Learning the good habits of how to pet your cat at young age can be very helpful.

Cats have different favorite petting spots, but most of them have common areas of their body where they like to be pet. According to some behaviorists, most cats like being pet on the back of their heads and under their chins. Too, they love long strokes along their back in the direction of their tails. However, other cats don’t like you to even come near their tails.

What I find effective is that I pet a specific spot then watch my cat’s reaction carefully to determine whether he like it or not.


If you like to interact with your cat regularly, you may want to know how to interact with them just as much as how not to interact with them. Even if your cat has been so friendly with you before, there’re still indicators which tell you your cat isn’t enjoying the petting.

Most cats don’t like being pet on the stomach area, it’s off-limits! You should avoid petting your cat’s stomach. Although this might sound strange, but if you pet your cat too much, you’ll over-stimulate him and eventually leads to aggression.

According to Brian Ogle, an anthropology instructor, you should watch your cat’s tail movement because it indicates the degree of his stimulation; the more intense the movement is, the more stimulation your cat is getting out of petting.  Brian said,” this is usually the signal of when to stop, or change, how you’re petting the cat.”

Subtler is another sign that your dog is not enjoying petting. Your cat might stop purring, moves his ears, or turns to look at you. All of these are signs your cat isn’t enjoying your petting.

Tips on how to pet your cat

Patience: when meeting a new cat, you shouldn’t touch him directly; instead you wait until he shows you that he wants to be touched. You really need to let the cat voluntarily approach you. Some cats may greet new humans, but being touched is different story.

Ice breaker: if a cat shows interest in you, but you are not sure if he’s ready to be pet; you can play with his favorite toys to break those psychological barriers and make him more comfortable.

Attention: when petting your cat, you have to watch him for any reaction he’d make. You really don’t need to be absent-minded when petting that little furry friend.

How to pet your cat properly lies on how determined you really are. It’s not difficult to pet a cat, but it necessitates time and effort to learn to pet correctly.


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