My daughter had always been a little fussy when it came to food, she didn’t  want to eat, actually she didn’t even seem to care ! I’m a good cook and I love to cook but no matter how tasty the plates I made, she always refused to eat them. Honestly, it takes hours of negotiations for her mother to convince her to take a bite, this made me think thoroughly, non-stop, of an idea to please her « Majesty », I was deeply motivated by concern for her health, all I wanted was how to make her a good eater. It mattered quite alot to me until one day an idea came across my mind, I thought to myself what if I use bribery with her ? is this strategy gonna work ? The answer is yes ! it worked just fine and as planned. My daughter begun to like and eat everything I cook, in fact she even started to ask for more and surprisingly she was the first to finish her plate.

I know most of are wondering what I did ? what was my strategy ? what has bribery anything to do with food ?

In fact, it’s  an approach, « Laissez faire » in which parents involve their children in the prep of some meals. Persoanlly, I bribed my daughter by promising her that I would let her help me prepare the dissert if she would eat up her plate, the result was just as I expected. She finished her plate and headed to the kitchen and stood there like a statue ! her eyes were wide open, filled with excitement and interest.


I’m not going to lie, entering the kitchen with a kid like my daughter underfoot is more stressful than the cooking itself. I was really uptight about her safety but I kept my chin up. Running short on time, I decided to have a quick glance on my tablet to look for something sweet, somethig that draws my daughter’s attention and keeps her interested in the prep, so while I was surfing around the internet, I stumbled across a video which combines both taste and joy ; gummy candy and LEGO !



So, in the following lines I’m going to show the exact recipe of « LEGO gummy candy » which I did with my little daughter while we were in the kitchen. It took me nearly five tries to finally get it done the way I wanted it to. Just so you know, this LEGO is  both stackable and edible.

First things first, you need to stop by the nearest store and buy these ingredients : ½ cup of a very cold water, ¼ cup of corn syrup, 2 packets of unflavoured gelatin, 1 pack of jelly and of course a lego ice cube tray which is found in almost every store in the city.


To start, you need to dissolve the corn syrup into a cold water and pour it into a pan. Then, add both packs of gelatin and jelly and keep on stiring  until they are mixed. Next, put the mixture on medium heat fire for 10 minutes and stir it until the gelatin is liquified. Pour the mixture in to the moulds and leave it to cool for 6 hours.




If you have followed these instructions carefully, you will end up with a very beautiful and colorful LEGO. By the way guys, you can start building or eating



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