Born into a family of craftsmen, I believe I’m still a child who loves to play around with glue, papers, colors, stickers scissors and everything in between. Creating things out of nothing has always been my passion, I’m not trying to brag or anything but I’m deeply into handicrafts and creativity. My grandpa was a handyman, he knew almost everything, he was definitely a human machine, my superhero !

Cut to the chase, I’d like to show today one of the small projects he taught me while I was spending the summer time with him. Curious to know ? Alright then guys, it’s a terrarium !

But first I’d like you to be safe during the whole process so what I want you to do is to go to your basement, look for some gloves and a protective glasses.


Done ?

Now, I think you should pay a visit the thrift shop next door  , here is the list of the things we need to buy and make this small project work : incandescent light bulb, pointed pliers, a screwdriver, tweezers, copper wire and glue.



Finding other content for the terrarium, you need to go to the woods to pick up these things : a moss which I’m sure there’re plenty of it, a little bit of forest soil, a tree bark and an acorn


Ready ?

Okey, using your pointed pliers you need to pull out the circle found at the bottom part of the bulb, break the glass isolation and pull it out.


The next step you’re going to use the screwdriver, you need to apply it to pull out the internal glass structure and all of the contents


Here I must draw your attention to the shots of glass, you need to be careful with them, clean up your working space !


Now  what you have in your hands is an empty light bulb with a beautiful and smooth hole


At this stage, I need you to be more concentrated then before. Using a small cone of paper, pour little stones inside the bulb followed by a layer of the soil you brought from the woods.


The next step, using the tweezers plant the moss and the tree bark beautifully inside the bulb.


Using a syringe filled with water, drop some water inside it.


Do you remeber the acorn you brought from the woods earlier ?

You need to apply some glue on it then seal the opening of the light bulb.


Your terrarium is almost done ! All you need is to take that copper wire and wrap it around the neck of the bulb. If you did it right, it’ll look something like this.




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