Food is really important to cats’ health. We often make mistakes when feeding ourselves. We eat too much sugar, we stuff our stomachs with food and sometimes we don’t eat at all. With these unbalanced eating habits, it’s no wonder we make the same mistakes when feeding our cats.

According to some surveys we made with some notorious veterinarians, the following are the most common mistakes people make when feeding their cats.

Too much food

According to Joe Bartges, professor of medicine and nutrition, the most common mistake people make is over-feeding their cats which leads directly to obesity. He stated that cats may suffer from metabolic syndromes which are caused by obesity. Some health issues may include diabetes and urinary tract disease.

A pudgy cat may look cute and lovely but that’s definitely bad for his life expectancy. So how much food should I feed my cat? The answer is easy, if you feed your cat between 30 and35 calories per day he will have a normal and healthy weight.

Dry food only

Lisa A.pierson, a Californian veterinarian focused on feline medicine and nutrition, says:” the biggest mistake people make is feeding their cat’s dry food”. Compared to dogs, cats’ sensitivity to thirst is blunted; they don’t drink water as much as dogs. And, naturally cats produce concentrated urine which may create health issues to their urinary tract when their diet is low in liquids.

The solution to this problem, according to Lisa, is providing your cat with moisture-rich food or a water-rich diet to prevent their urinary tract from collapse.

Offering too little water

As we all know, water is the source of life to both humans and animals. According to experts, water compromises 60% to 70 % of an adult cat’s body. This means any water deficiency can lead to some serious illnesses or even to your cat’s death.

Although wet food can provide your cat with the exact needed water, other sources of water must be available around the house, say the professionals. Some cats can’t tolerate chlorine when detected, so here’s a tip you may do in order for your cat to drink:

  • Find some leaves of catnip
  • Fill in a bowl with water and crush the leaves into it
  • Stay back and watch how your cat goes wild

Going vegetarian or vegan

Another mistake people make is making their cats vegetarians or vegans. According to some vets, the amino acid taurine is found only in animals’ tissue therefore your cat must eat meat and animal organs. Lack of this acid can lead to some serious health problems such as blindness, heart diseases and even death.

To sum up, we aren’t sure of our own nutritional needs and certainly it can be impossible for us to guess the needs of our cats therefore it is crucial to consult your vegetarian and ask him what can be best as your cat’s food.


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