Eyes care: How to take care of your dog’s eyes


Eyes are everything to your dog. Along with his nose and ears. They must be taken care of The vision is what gets you dog to interact with the outside world. Eye infections such as cataracts, in-growing eyelids or third eyelid prolapsed are common problems.

While the above eye problems require a vet consultation there are still some tips to take care of your dog’s eyes and keep them healthy and powerful as a night vision binoculars.

Gazing into your dog’s eyes

It’d be a great idea if you take your dog to a bright area where you can check their eyes and look for crust and make sure there’s white around them. Certain things such as a visible third eyelid is a strong sign to take your dog to a vet.

Looking at the lining carefully

Checking the inner lining of the eyelid is very important. One way to do that is by rolling the lid down. Any color other than pink is a sign that your dog sick. You don’t want it to be white or red.

Cleaning them out

Cleaning the crustiness is crucial. To do that you need to use a piece of cotton and wipe it outward starting from the corners. Make sure you don’t scratch the cornea. During dry summers, redness is common so you can always refer to a vet to choose the suitable eye wash.

Keeping your dog clipped

Dog’s eyes are easily poked and scratched by long hair. So may consider trimming those bangs using special scissors.

Closing the windows

While driving your car, dogs love to stick their heads out of the window because it makes them happy. The problem is that the wind affects their eyes and could lead to some serious problems.

Finally, I’d say that your dog is the only creature you can count on in life, so take care of him as you do with your child. these lovely pets need our attention and affection.