Today I’m going to share with you a small project inspired wholly and solely by my grandma. I have to say that I was so delighted with it. It’s one of those quite little things that I think you’re absolutely going to like it, a floating flower coffee mug.

To make this beautiful floating flower cup, you’ll need: a coffee mug and a saucer, a fork or a thick wire, some ornaments such as faux flowers, beads and ribbon, paper and thread, scissors and glue gun.

You need to bend the wire to make its dimensions, it should make the letter Z shape. Before gluing the wire onto the saucer, measure it from the saucer to the mug, that it’ll fit good. Then, glue the wire onto the plate and give it some time to dry completely.

Now, glue the wire onto the mug and let it dry too.

Fold the paper around the wire and hold it with the thread as shown in the photo

Start gluing your faux flowers onto the floating coffee mug in a tear drop direction, scale them down quite considerably. Use your imagination to decorate your floating cup with the beads, ribbon and the different ornaments. Enjoy J


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