Ear care is important to your dog’s health. Dogs’ ears are sensitive and they need regular cleaning to prevent any infections, but dogs don’t like their ears cleaned that’s why you should be smart and know exactly what you’re doing. You may cause serious damage if you don’t do it the right way. So, here is exactly how do you clean your dog’s ears without causing any harm.

Make it a positive experience

Ear care must be associated with something positive, you can do that by getting a bag o treats ready to offer each time your dog behaves and cooperates during the process of cleaning his ears. It is important to get your dog slowly to like the experience.

Get the right tools

Unlike us, dogs don’t tolerate cotton swabs because they hurt them. Instead, you should have a bag of cotton balls ready to use, or you can use finger by wrapping it in gauze. Gloves aren’t compulsory during the process; it’s okay if you wash your hands before you start. The most important tool among them all is the rinse which must be chosen carefully. Ear care needs a lot of focus especially when choosing the cleaning products.

Put everything within reach

The worst thing ever you would encounter during the process of cleaning your dog’s ears is when you discover half-way that you forget something and you get up to look for it. It’s hard to sit your dog again and put him at ease and start over. That’s’ why it’s necessary to put everything near you.

Follow the rules

To avoid causing any harm to your dog’s ears, you have to start on the outside than you go slowly in. when you’re working your way in and you feel resistance, than you should stop immediately otherwise you’ll hurt your dog and damage his ears. Use the rinse to wet a cotton ball and wipe the outer flap, or the part that can be seen. Ear care is a bit difficult but it’s a must.

Ear care must be conducted once a week. If you notice that the cotton balls are too dirty, you’ll have to contact your vet to make sure your dog is totally fine. After finishing the cleaning process, I’d suggest you give your dog the affection and the treats he merits for being a good boy.


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