Drooling: Why is my dog drooling so much?


Drooling is seen by some dog owners as a natural and healthy physical function which helps your dog to eat and digest his food, but if your dog is excessively drooling, it can be a sign of a serious problem. Below, I’ve listed the most common causes and treatments of excessive drooling.

Foreign objects

The first thing you do when your dog starts drooling is to look inside his mouth for any objects such as shards of bones, plants, cloth, hooks or splinters and remove them if you have the gut to do so, otherwise visit your vet.

Mouth injuries

Always check your dog for any sign of a wound or bleeding. You might help your dog by putting some hydrogen peroxide before the wound gets infected. For serious wound and excessive bleeding you have to check with your dog’s vet as soon as possible.

Dental issues

Tartar is one of the reasons why your dog drools. Tartar problems can be identified easily by the browning on your dog’s teeth or by redness and bleeding on his gums. Honestly, I always check with my dog’s vet when it comes to mouth issues because he is professional and knows better his job.


Drooling is considered one of the symptoms of heatstroke. If your dog spends too much time in the sun and you notice indicators such as lethargy and unresponsiveness, heatstroke might be the reason. It’s a very serious health problem which you should take it seriously and check your dog’s vet.

Liver and kidney disease

Hyper salivation can be cause by these two diseases. In this case, you should visit your dog’s vet immediately. Of course, routine checkups must be scheduled to identify any health problems before it’s too late.

Oral infections

Excessive drooling can also occur when your dog is developing a throat problem. It can be accompanied with pus and bad breath. If you notice these common signs, then you have to visit the veterinarian for more diagnoses.

Plant consumption

Some plants are considered poisonous to dogs. They include chrysanthemums, azaleas and tulips. In case your dog digests one of these plants, it’ll start drooling. The veterinarian must be consulted otherwise you may lose your dog.

Being safe is absolutely way better than being sorry. If your dog is remarkably drooling than checking the veterinarian is what a wise man would do without prior thinking. Dogs are gifts that we should provide them with affection and health care.


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