Dog whiskers: 5 unbelievably fascinating facts


Dog whiskers, do you want some unbelievably fascinating facts about them? Alright then, let’s start with a plain one: as a dog owner you don’t usually pay attention to them, and sometimes you cut them as if they are useless. However, those little facial hairs play several roles and are very important for certain reasons. So today, I’m going to share with you 5 fascinating facts about dog whiskers.

Dog whiskers serve as antennas

Unlike any other hairs in your dog’s body, whiskers are much thinker, longer and come out from hair follicles that are highly wired by countless sensory nerves which help your dog discover the world around him.

They are called “vibrissae”, dog whiskers function as antennas. When objects in your dog’s environment rub against them, the whiskers vibrate and stimulate the nerves found in those hairs which in their turn send feedback about the surroundings.

Dog whiskers have different names

The location of your dog’s whiskers can tell more about their names!

Yes, it’s definitely true. Whiskers have different names which may sound a lot technical, but they are still lovely and interesting to discover: Mystacial whiskers which resemble to mustache, genal whiskers, interramal truftus and supraorbital whiskers which are found above your dog’s eyes.

Dog whiskers can help with blind spots

Not only cars and trucks that have blind spots, dogs too! A very clever way to notice this is throwing some treats right under your dog’s nose; he’ll certainly miss them. In this case, interramal truftus play their role and inform your dog about what’s found under his head. This feature is useful for your dog to determine how close is his head from the ground, or when he sticks his head in a hole.

Dog whiskers play the protection role

Not only they provide information about the surroundings of your dog, whiskers also play a protective role. Particularly, supraorbital whiskers which are found above they eye function as extra eye leashes; they extend to protect your dog’s eyes from any harm that may happen to them. Too, they prevent external objects in your dog’s environment from poking or injuring his eyes.

Dog whiskers grow over and over again

One of the most common things that perhaps all dog owners are concerned about is cutting their dog’s whiskers accidently. “Help me! While I was grooming my dog, I accidently cut his whiskers, will they grow up again?” you really don’t have to worry, in fact, professional groomers usually cut the whiskers to give your dog a better look. So, the good news is that, yes, your dog’s whiskers will grow again even if you cut them accidently.


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