Dog ticks removal with 7 steps process


For us, the word summer is synonymous for fun, barbecue and a whole list of some exciting activities. However, it’s not the same thing for our dogs; it just means ticks, burrs and fleas. Dog ticks are known to cause serious and deadly diseases within 24h of a bite. Read on for an easy step by step tick removal of these dangerous parasites.

Before you start removing dog ticks, you have to be equipped with the essential tools. Here is a list of what you’ll:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Pointy tweezers
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wipes
  • Gloves
  • A container with lid ( a jar)

What are the steps for a soft removal of dog ticks?

There’re seven steps for removing dog ticks. They are classified to a specific order as follows:

Step n°1: putting on your gloves is crucial because dog ticks can easily infect the human body through breaks in the skin. There for it’s quite a preventive step to do.

Step n°2: your dog must be in a submissive state. You should calm him down before you start removing dog ticks. I suggest that you have somebody with you; it’d make the process easier by keeping your dog relaxed.

Step °3: hold the pair of pointy tweezers and grab the tick entirely_ be careful with your dog’s skin.

Step °4: using a firm pressure, pull out the tick without twisting otherwise you leave some parts of the tick’s body on your dog’s skin_ a careful straight motion would be great in this case. Too, try not to crash the tick because it contains fluids that may harm your dog.

Step °5: after removing the tick, fill in the container with rubbing alcohol, put it right there and close the lid_ some vets recommend that you keep the ticks for they can be analyzed in case your dog shows any sign of infection.

Step °6: once you the ticks are completely removed, you can antiseptic spray to disinfect the area of the bite. Don’t hesitate to consult the vet if the place of the bite remains red or in heat.

Step °7: the whole process is tiresome for both you and your little per. What I recommend usually is that you show your dog some affection and care by rewarding him with some treats. This would lead eventually to changing your dog’s behavior and encouraging him to mike the process of removing dog ticks.


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