Dog shaking, shivering and trembling: why dogs do it?


Every one of us has noticed their dog shaking off the water after shower or a long walk under the rain. But what about other moments of dog shaking, shivering and trembling?

A dog shake, shiver and tremble can refer to various things — some are good and others are bad. Let’s explain each one aside.

Happy and positive dog shakes, shivers and shakes

Drying off

It’s completely normal for your dog to shake excess water after getting wet. In fact, this behavior helps your dog to prevent hypothermia because if the water remains on their fur, it might make them feel cold. By shaking the water off, dogs can remove nearly 70 percent of the excess water.

Solution: there’s really nothing to fix here, all you need is just to keep away the things you don’t need them to get sprayed with water.


Have you ever noticed your dog shaking, shivering and trembling while playing a fetch game or when you’re offering them affection? It may look strange, but there’s nothing wrong about it. Shivering when excited is totally normal and a sign of a healthy dog. It is way of spending the excessive energy.

Solution: no solution is required in such cases, but if you notice your dog doing it often, then you should reward calm behavior because this reflex can cause hyperactivity to your dog.


Many of us often offer affection when we notice our dog shaking, shivering and trembling. This can give your dog a bad habit, they would start shaking and shivering whenever they need your attention and affection. Such an intelligent dog, huh?

Solution: this might sound as a as a good sign that your dog is intelligent enough, but it’s definitely not a good behavior to reinforce. Avoid giving affection and attention when they are doing it. You should be affectionate with them only when they’re calm and submissive.

Dog shaking, shivering and trembling to watch out for!


As mentioned above, dogs shake and shiver to prevent hypothermia, but they also do it when they the weather is too cold, just the way we do it when we feel cold. Normally, this is not something you should worry about, but if your dog is out there in the cold for unexpected period of time, it can pose a huge problem for your dog.

Solution: if your dog is bothered by the cold weather, then you can get a simple dog sweater and protect them from the freezing conditions. Booties are also used to protect your dog’s paws.

Sickness and pain

In most of the cases, dogs shake and shiver when they are sick and having some health problems. Just like us, when we have a fever, we usually tremble, right? Some canine illnesses related to dog shaking, shivering and trembling are: generalized tremor syndrome, kidney disease, nausea and seizures.

Solution: you really should contact your dog’s vet if you suspect that your dog is sick or in pain.


Like us, humans, dogs may feel stressed and get anxious. This has many reasons such as the ride in a car, visiting the vet, beeping alarms and fireworks. Dogs usually shake, shiver and tremble when faced with these stressors. Worst, some dogs might chew and bite the furniture.

Solution: always try to train your dog; it can help them relieve their stress and anxiety easily. If this doesn’t work with you, then a small talk with your dog’s vet can help; he might prescribe some medications for your puppy.

Bottom line, I’d say that you should never ignore it when your dog shakes, shivers and trembles. You should always pay attention to your dog’s behavior and determine his reflexes. Prevention is better than cure.



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