This Dog Looks Like A Human – And It’s Making People Uncomfortable


If you said, “Hey! That dog has the face of a man!” — you’re not alone.

And indeed, there’s something undeniably human about little Yogi’s countenance. The piercing gaze of his light almond-shaped eyes, the sense of a strong brow ridge above in his fluff, and those soft pinkish lips all definitely play a part in giving the dog the uncanny look of being part-person.

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2Yogi’s owner, Chantal Desjardins

never thought her dog really looked that humanlike at all, telling The Dodo, “Looking at him, normally I don’t see it!”

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It was only after sharing Yogi’s photo on Facebook that Chantal heard otherwise.

“He looks like there is a human in that dog body,” one friend wrote.

“Why does one look like you did a human face swap? It’s freaking me out,” added another.

Then one of Chantal’s friends posted a picture of Yogi on Reddit — and the internet really began weighing in.


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