This Dog Looks Like A Human – And It’s Making People Uncomfortable

If you said, “Hey! That dog has the face of a man!” — you’re not alone.

And indeed, there’s something undeniably human about little Yogi’s countenance. The piercing gaze of his light almond-shaped eyes, the sense of a strong brow ridge above in his fluff, and those soft pinkish lips all definitely play a part in giving the dog the uncanny look of being part-person.

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Seeing Yogi next to another dog

actually makes the impression even stronger. Although there’s really something human about his appearance, the angles of the camera, the way his fur is groomed, and even the lighting play a role in all this too. Scroll down to see it for yourself!

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Yogi’s owner, Chantal Desjardins

never thought her dog really looked that humanlike at all, telling The Dodo, “Looking at him, normally I don’t see it!”

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It was only after sharing Yogi’s photo on Facebook that Chantal heard otherwise.

“He looks like there is a human in that dog body,” one friend wrote.

“Why does one look like you did a human face swap? It’s freaking me out,” added another.

Then one of Chantal’s friends posted a picture of Yogi on Reddit — and the internet really began weighing in.


Some people say that at the first glance it seems that he is the result of a very successful face swap


Yogi’s owner had never thought about her dog this way: “Looking at him, I usually don’t see it!”


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