Dog licking excessively: 6 secrets you must know


Dog licking is really something that must be explained because most of us don’t really know where it comes from. See if you’re familiar with this scenario: After a long walk in the park with your dog and a good meal, you decide to stop and sit down for a moment, he approaches you and you do exactly what anyone of us would do; you start petting him, but when you do that, the licking begins. This usually happens every time you show your dog affection, why?

Dogs often lick the same members of their pack and themselves too for several reasons, and if you want to understand the behavior, you need to understand its causes.

We taste just as good as our food

If a dog starts licking their bowl after finishing eating, the floor after something is spilled all over, or the counter after you cooked a meal, it’s totally normal and you can conclude from such behavior that your food is just tasty and delicious. However, it’s completely the same thing when your dog starts licking you, Yes! Your dog finds you just as tasty as your food. Sometimes we have salt particles which are delicious to dogs; they just love its taste.


Dog licking can also be a result of grooming. You may not think that dogs too are concerned with it, but they surely do. Dogs are concerned with hygiene and often lick to clean themselves, just as cats. However, you should pay a careful attention to this behavior because too much licking of the anal area indicates that there’s a problem.


Dog licking can also be a sign that your dog is trying to heal himself. Dog saliva enzymes are known to kill certain types of bacteria. When your dog licks a wound, he removes the dead tissue and cleans the infected area. Unfortunately, some dogs are excessive lickers, they licks their wounds overly until they open them and cause harm.


Excessive dog licking can also mean that your dog needs a medical help. If you notice your dog licking an area excessively every time he /she is scared, it usually means one thing; your dog has to see its vet right away otherwise the problem get worse. While licking can be a stress reliever, obsessive licking may reinforce anxiety and get things worse.


Dogs can tell a range of things by licking each other; I’m hungry, I submit to you and I let’s be friends. This behavior is also conducted toward their human owners. Dogs lick us to communicate things they want to say. If for instance your dog is licking you intensely, you may want to look around and see if something is wrong; may be there’s no much water in his bowl or the doggie door is left open.


Dog licking causes dogs to release endorphins that calm and comfort them, but sometimes it’s just too much for us. We don’t like being licked all the time and get spilled over with their saliva; it’s just uncomfortable. One way to change this behavior is to walk out of the room every time your dog starts licking you, this way he/she understands that licking isn’t good and you’re don’t feel at ease when he does it.

We all love dogs and feel happy when they are around. Dog licking isn’t really a serious problem or something that can’t be changed. We are dog owners and we know exactly what we’re doing; our dogs’ behaviors can be changed easily with some commitment and reinforcement.


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