Dog dreams or seizures: How to differentiate between them?


Dog dreams are frequent, and seizures too. Like us, dogs can dream and have seizures. As dog owners, it’s very important for us to distinguish between seizures and the light twitching that usually occurs when your dog is dreaming. There’re certain characteristic traits related to seizures and dreaming that may help you differentiate between these two conditions.

  • When they are dreaming, dogs are always either sleeping or lying down. They often have seizures when they are awake. During the seizures, they may be unconscious but they also can have the seizures while dreaming.
  • When they are dreaming, dogs usually have their eyes partially closed and they may look relaxed and peaceful. While their eyes would be wide open during the seizures and they would have a blank look on their face.
  • Occasional short barks and short cries may be associated with dog dreams, however you would experience the worst feeling when your dog is having a seizures; he would moan, howl and scream. Fortunately, this experience is not a sign of pain or distress because it’s involuntary.
  • Twitches, shakes and paddles are also part of dog dreams. Your dog would look as if he’s running or chasing something. Stiffness and rigidness are related to dog seizures.
  • Dog dreams are usually brief and intermittent while seizures activity may last longer
  • When your dog is dreaming, you can easily wake him up, however he can’t be interrupted when having seizures.
  • Seizures usually involve thrashing about and violent muscle activity while your dog’s movement would seem gentle, shorter and your dog would be relaxed and his facial expression would be that of a baby during dog dreams activity.
  • After waking up from a dream, dogs can walk easily, but that’s not the same case when waking up after a seizure; he’d have trouble walking.
  • Disorientation and confusion always follow a seizure; your dog may not find his way quickly around the house.
  • Drooling, foam at the mouth and biting the tongue are also related to dog seizure. During dog dreams you wouldn’t see these signs.
  • During a seizure, your dog may urinate or defecate, but this doesn’t happen when your dog is dreaming.
  • During dog dreams, your dog breathes normally but when your dog is having a seizure he may breathe heavily.

As dog owners, we can usually tell whether dogs are having a seizures or a dog dreams, especially if we already have noticed both conditions. It’d best for your dog if you don’t wake him up during dreaming; let the sleeping dogs lie.


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