DIY Pine Cone Crafts To Decorate Your Home


Santa’s favorite time of the year has come and most of the people all around the globe are preparing themselves for this incomparable festival. Some of us like to be excessive when it comes to decorating the house but others don’t, they just use what nature has to offer. During the holiday season, when Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, pinecones get heavier and fall from their trees giving us the opportunity to use them in very innovative ways to decorate the house for Christmas.

Here are some fantastic ways, as a head start, to use pine cones for decoration but before that you need to take a walk around the woods nearby to collect some pinecones. On your way back, stop by the hardware store to buy these things:

Pinecone branch


A branch made from pinecones is easy to make, all you need is a small branch of a tree, 5 or 6 pinecones and some ribbons. Tie each pinecone with a ribbon from the upper part then, hang it on the branch as you can see in this photo.

Pinecone wreath for outdoor


This wreath looks great if decorated properly, you can always spray some paint on them but before that you need to put gloves otherwise your hands will be covered with that sticky pine tar. To start, you need to obtain a metal frame or a wire hanger for your wreath, some pony beads, hot glue, a bit of ribbon and a bunch of pinecones which you’re going to place them as shown in the photo.

Christmas tree made from pinecones


Here’s what you’ll need: brown construction paper to form a cone or you can use a Styrofoam cone, plastic planter and glue gun.

First, form the paper into a cone and stuff it around and inside with paper. Using the glue gun to attach them to the paper, start layering the pinecones using the bigger ones at the bottom and the smaller as you go up. When you finish, you’ll have a tree like this one.

Winter pinecones terrarium


Supplies needed for this small project are: florist foam, bowl, pinecones, small wooden dowels, and a little bit of moss.

Attach the wooden dowels to the bottom of pinecones using the hot glue, when they dry, stick them to the foam which you’re going to cover with moss, decorate with some pebbles and 2 or 3 small stones then place a glass dome over it. It’ll look something like this.

A pinecone hoodoo candle holder


To make a pinecone candle holder, you’ll need: a pinecone, a candle, pliers

First, take your pliers, grab the upper part of your pinecone and break it off. then using your pliers, rip all the petals from the top of it. Place your hoodoo candle neatly with the help of some glue. The following photo represents the candle holder clearly.