Lately, a very dear friend of mine lost her father who, a year ago, was diagnosed with cancer, and honestly, I was pathetic because I couldn’t say or do anything to make it better. Though I really wanted to and tried but I ended up embarrassed and felt like a total idiot. Seeing her sitting on that chair next to her father’s old piano, with those hot tears really broke my heart into pieces. She didn’t expect me to fix anything nor did she wait for me to supply some answers but I really wanted her to feel better, but in that day, I was completely lost, I couldn’t even make an eye contact with her, such a shame! Then, I went back home and kept thinking of what I did.

A week later, I went back to her house checking on her and seeing if she was doing okay. I approached door, knocked quietly and waited for her to open. I approached her and hugged her gently and whispered in her ears that I’m here for you. She smiled back at me and said welcome my best friend, I missed you. This really made me the happiest man on earth!

We sat in the living room for a while, then she asked me if I wanted to have a cup of tea with her, I said I would but in condition we prepare it together. We almost talked about just everything, recollecting old memories and adventures made her laugh. She showed me her father’s clothes, a box full of shirts, and asked me if I knew someone who might need them, I explained her the idea I had in mind, I wanted her to have something that would remind her of her beloved father, she liked it very much and was very excited about it. That’s why today, I’m willing to show you this brilliant idea of how I used those shirts as a memento. Honestly, I came across it while surfing the internet.

The idea is so simple and awesome; making a flannel shirt pillow cover but before that you have to make sure you have everything in hand. All you need is a shirt, some pins, scissors and of course a sewing machine.


First, you need to cut off the sleeves of the shirt. Next, you place your pillow inside it to precise and make sure that the pockets are placed on the front. While your pillow is inside trim the excess fabric around it and of course you leave about an inch around the four sides. Turn the sides of the fabric inside and place the pillow between those layers. Using the pins, mark the edges of the pillow where you seam, the unbutton the shirt and take the pillow out of it. Now start you sewing machine and sew all the four edges. Finally, all you have to do is just turning your pillow cover the right side out and insert the pillow and button it up.

Isn’t that just awesome? I was so surprised how I did it myself and I hope it’d work out for you.




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