Dangers: 4 hidden dangers threaten your cat’s life


Cats are joyful and playful creatures, but these lovely characteristics put them in danger. Lots of accidents such as household and garden chemicals can easily be avoided by holding your cat back when they are used. Here are some of the most common dangers that may encounter your cat in real life.

Road accident:

Cars represent an extreme danger to your cat. At night, it would be a great idea if you keep your cat indoor. This latter would be achieved through serving a tasty meal at nightfall in a regular basis, it encourages your cat to come back home.

Neutering cats lessens their urge to poke around especially for male cats. A reflective collar would make your cat visible at night and prevent him from any other dangers when outside.


It’s commonly known that cats love to climb but the risk of falling is high. Usually falling from the balcony is common and can cause some serious injuries that may lead to the death of your cat.

One way to prevent this kind of fatal dangers is to wire your balcony with mesh. If your cat falls from the balcony, you should check the vet immediately for broken ribs or any other internal bleeding.

Chemical poison:

Cleaning substances and garden chemicals must be kept away from the reach of your cat for as they represent a high risk. These domestic products include paint, vanish removers, rust remover, fire extinguisher chemicals, batteries, mice poison, anti-freeze and glue. Dangers are so many and such products can be poisonous especially varnish and paint removers.

Poisonous plants:

Fortunately, adult cats don’t pay any attention to some poisonous plants, but dangers of these plants remains especially when it comes to kittens. Young cats curiously try to chew them consequently they get poisoned and may die. One of these poisonous plants is leopard lily which causes irritation of the mouth and can be toxic as all the other plants of the Lily family.

Finally, I’d say dangers are so many, so if your cat ate something dangerous, you must contact the veterinarian immediately otherwise you’d lose your heartwarming little creature.


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