Cat toilet training is not only possible but it comes with various benefits. All cat owners agree that keeping a litter box isn’t necessarily hygienic and definitely time consuming. However, cat toilet training is very beneficial regarding both hygiene and time.

Why train your cat to use the toilet?

It’s commonly known that cats are smart animals and usually pick things up easily. According to the author of “Cat toilet training”, Aston Lau, it’s possible to train whiskers to use the toilet.  The benefits of training your beloved feline are numerous including: you eliminate all litter odors and of course you improve the health of everybody in your house.

What’s involved?

Cat toilet training would be so easy if your cat is already trained to use the litter. Following the below 6 steps training regime, your cat will be next in line to use the toilet and perhaps rushes before you:

  • The first step or as it is called the adjustment phase involves you moving the litter box near the toilet you want them to use, this way you’re introducing the concept with of course with all the smells that surround the place.
  • In the second step, you bit by bit, in a daily basis; you raise the litter box using any objects that might help you lift them higher, they could be some boxes or anything else. While you’re raising the litter box every day, you take some of the litter out of the box. You keep on raising the box until it reaches the height of your toilet.
  • In this step you move the litter box right next the toilet seat until your cat accepts the concept, then you put the litter box on the toilet seat completely.
  • Replace your cat’s litter box with the training one; they can be purchased online. By the way, you should clean the litter in the training box after each single use then don’t forget to sprinkle some catnip into the clean litter.
  • After six to seven days of this practice, remove one of the rings from your cat’s training box. Keep doing so until all the rings are gone. This way your cat will get used to the smell and the sight of the toilet water.
  • Make sure that after each time your cat does its business, you flush the water.

If you’re patient and open-minded kind of person, then cat toilet training is just your thing. Our feline friends deserve all the affection, patience and care. Be proud you’re a cat owner.



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