California Couple Inherits 50 Year Old Secret Beneath Their New Home

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After purchasing a vintage house, we’re likely to find some old items left by the original owners. However, a Californian couple who live in woodland hills found a huge surprise after purchasing their house. A treasure that dates back to the sixties, it was a nuclear fallout shelter built in 1961 by the original owner of the house Mr. Alvin Kaufman who worked as a nuclear engineer for the government during that period of time where the tension was at its highest between the U.S.A and the Soviet Union.

The shelter was installed approximately 15 feet below the ground, it was designed to protect the Kaufman family from any radiation in case of a nuclear attack. To their surprise, the new owners of the house Chris and Colleen Otcasek discovered many items left behind inside the shelter. The following photos show exactly what has been found.

11A strange detail

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The couple were told that the house they intend to buy has a unique feature, something in the courtyard that dates back to 1960’s, a shelter which was installed to protect the family members from any nuclear attacks. The couple went on their decision and bought the house anyway.



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