Cats are beautiful little creatures to live with but their behavior often intrigues and frustrates their owners. Here are some hints of what’s really going on in the minds of cats and some insights into their behavior.

Peeing on personal items

Cats love to leave their scent around their environment. When a strange smelling object invades their own space, they will immediately try to mix their own scent with the new one. And the only way to do that is by urinating over it.

While it might seem a bit disgusting or annoying that your cat has urinated over your stuff or your friend’s suitcase, this behavior is totally fine because your pet cat is relieving some of the anxiety he is feeling.

A way to prevent this from happening is by being so tidy up with your personal belongings and of course by trying to relieve your pet friend from its anxiety.


Cats like to rub themselves up against us. This behavior may include rubbing their whole body or sometimes their heads only. Most of cat owners see it as a sign of love and affection.

When cats do this gesture, they are transferring their own scent. It’s almost like we are one of their personal items and they are claiming us by leaving their scent over us.

The glands on the cheek area of your cat deposit their own scent, so by rubbing their face on you, they are transferring that scent.

Too, when they weave through your legs during their meal time, they are trying to have your complete attention.


Cats meow to communicate with their owners. This kind of behavior is also noticed when kittens attempt to get their mum’s attention but it’s not likely to be heard between fully grown cats.

when your cat meows at you, he/she is just trying to start a cat-to-owner conversation.One way to encourage this behavior is by trying to respond immediately to your cat’s meowing.


To sharpen their claws, cats like to scratch the hard surfaces such as wooden objects. This behavior is also used to deposit their scent from the gland on their claws.

If your cat tends to scratch a specific area of your furniture, it just means that this area attracts many scents. For instance; the sides of your sofa, where guests put their arms to relax, maybe your cat’s favorite area of sharpening his/her paws.


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