Bathing dogs in movies and TV shows seems a fun and joyful activity to do. Unfortunately, bathing your dog in real life is absolutely the contrary to that positive experience depicted on TV.

Dogs like being stinky and dirty. Most of them might put up a fight if they think it would help them skip bathing. While watching your preferred actor running after his dog that’s covered with shampoo might seem funny, it’s completely less fun when you’re doing it yourself.

Here are some tips on how to bath your dog and make it a much friendly and joyful experience.

Positive association

The first thing you should keep mind is that you have to associate bath to some positive things such as treats, toys and affection. In other words, you offer your dog what he loves every time he shows good behavior during bath.

To make things easier, you start by getting your dog used to jump into an empty and offering him some treats and work your way up until you add warm water.

Don’t let water into your dog’s ears

Bathing a dog is really stressful job to do. When it is bath time avoid letting water into your dog’s ears for this can be very annoying, uncomfortable and can directly lead to some unneeded health problems.

If your dog is an easygoing type of dog, then you try to stuff cotton into his ears. But if he doesn’t let you do that then you might consider avoiding spraying water into them when bathing.

The younger you start the easier it gets

If you have a puppet then you should start bathing him as soon as possible. Starting at young age, your little creature won’t resist bathing because he has no negative associations toward it. By starting at younger age, you’ll encounter no problems in the future.

The right shampoo

Bathing with the wrong shampoo is the worst experience ever! By saying the wrong shampoo I mean the one that dries your dog’s skin and causes him to scratch. The right shampoo is the one that cleans, removes odors and doesn’t strip important oils. You can always consult your dog’s vet when making such choices.


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