Cats: am I really eligible to have a cat and become a cat owner?


There’re many reasons to have a cat. But before having one, it’s reasonably worth to have a look at some things that are involved in cat care. That’s why you should read this article and think twice before becoming a cat owner. Normally cats live between 12 to 15 years, so you should ask yourself if you are able to provide the following necessities during your cat’s life.


The wrong idea cat owners have in mind is that they think they can have a cat and expect it to live outside the house for most of his life time, but this is absolutely wrong and socially unacceptable.

Your neighbors wouldn’t accept your cat to poke around and poo in their garden, right? Cats that live outdoors are dangerous and pose a risk on other pets because no matter how much they are fed, they still go for hunt. Your cat is also at risk when outside, cars and motorcycles which may hit him.

Food and water

Apparently, cats need food and water. It’s a essential to life. If you own a cat, you have to ensure it is properly fed and provided with the right amount of clean water.

Kittens on the other hand need special food that’s appropriate to their age, unlike those fully grown cats.


By nature, cats are probably the cleanest animals in the world. If they are provided with a litter tray, they will use it for sure. One thing you have to bear in mind is that it’s up to you to keep the litter clean by changing it whenever it’s dirty. The cat is not going to change it by itself. You can have more than one litter tray according to the number of cats you have, normally each cat should have his own one.


Usually, cats with short hair don’t need grooming. You can get rid of their lose her by stroking the coat regularly. On the other hand, cats with long hair require grooming frequently otherwise their coat will mat. So, keep in mind grooming is a usual practice if you intend to own a long haired cat.


Can you afford your cat’s daily expenses? His food, litter and worming medications are all necessities that must be met. You can’t escape his vaccination nor will you be able let him get worms, or stay without food and starve to death.

Love and attention

Cats are mentally stimulated and require love and attention from their owner. So are you prepared to meet all these needs? Can you cuddle your cat while you’re having a bad day?


This is probably the most important need that should be kept in mind. When you want to take a holiday what would you do with your cat? Is there anyone willing to take care of it? A pet sitter is a common service these days, you can find someone who take care of your cat just a call away but you should mind the costs and whether your cat will be safe in their hands or not.

Veterinary care

It’s a fact that we all get sick and visit the doctor and so do cats, they need regular checkups at the vegetarian’s. This routine checkup includes vaccination and some additional costs only pet owners know about them. They can even run into thousand dollars bills.


If you can meet all of these requirements with a big yes, then owning a cat is what you easily can do. However, it’s definitely a lifetime commitment which you have to make sure you can handle it. As babies, cats are small lovely angles that need a proper home where they can have a descent happy life. Please be sure that you can meet all of these emotional and physical requirements before you obtain that heart-warming creature.




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