I really don’t know I made it to this age! Of course, I thank my parents for giving me everything I needed when I was a child, the affection and the care that most children would crave for however that wasn’t really enough. Recently, I’ve been doing some reading on how to raise a baby and honestly, I was completely surprised and couldn’t believe what I was reading because my parents, who mistakenly, were doing it all wrong. In the following lines, I’m going to show you some of the things, which are updated daily and published by the AAP, that you mustn’t do for they are considered unsafe for your baby.

6Keeping your baby asleep in the car


Recent studies published by the CPSC found that babies left asleep in cars died of asphyxiation. Parents who drive for long hours tend to put their babies in the carrier car seat and here lies the risk, that’s why it’s highly recommended to pull over every hour or two, take your baby out and check his breathing.



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