5 Ways to Use Body Language to Build Trust


Listen to those who are pouring their hearts out to you.

1 Ways to Use Body Language to Build Trust

One of the most sincere forms of respect is definitely listening to those who are talking to you, those who are pouring their out hearts to you. Don’t be such an ass-hat and ignore all of that by constantly checking your phone while you’re listening to those few remaining people who really matter in your life. As Buddha says, you may like someone but that’s not really enough because when you like a flower you pluck it whereas you would water it if you love it, right ? that’s what you really want to know. Listening involves, to a great extent, using your eyes, I mean keeping eye contact with the person you’re talking to enhances the feeling of mutual trust.





Medically speaking, sitting for a long time with your legs crossed has bad effects on your health, your legs may go numb. Too, this bad habit of crossing legs and arms is considered a « no-go » sign, it simply means that the doors are closed. Body language studies show that the arms are the gates to both the soul and the body therefore they shouldn’t be crossed when meeting people.

  Psychological barrier



Back in the days when we were children at school, teachers were accustomed to walk between the rows and speak loudly, giving us the courage to speak out freely without any physical or psychological barriers, they simply didn’t hide themselves behind that rectangular desk. Nowadays it has become quite a habit for teachers to sit on their chairs using what technology has offered them without even giving their learners the freedom, the opportunity and the courage to participate spontaneously. Therefore, in your day to day life, you should avoid creating  such useless barriers between you and the people who want to know you closer.

The free access


Although, for some, it means invading their personal space, touching is also considered as a perfect way of saying that you trust someone without even moving your lips. It’s like a TNT you don’t have to push hard ! A light touch to the elbow can be very powerful and can lead to  the desired effects. By applying that instant touch to the person you’re talking to you’re definitely cracking their shell, taking them out gently and giving them the feeling that you support them therefore they should open up and trust you.

From high to low


To express and show dominance, a judge sits higher in a court of law whereas those ordinary people maintain a low sitting position. However, it’s not always the same case especially when you want to establish a trust relationship with someone you’ve just met or someone you want to know closer. Moving from that higher position and leaning with your body forward would definitely make the person in front of you do the same, thus letting them trust you not only with their body but also with their soul.