We all want to extend the life of our dogs and keep them as long as possible. Those tiny creatures are everything to most of us, they are as dear and close to our hearts as our children.

Too, they are at the mercy of the choices we make for them because their life expectancy depends solely on those choices.

To extend their life we’re ready to do almost every possible thing. So, here are 4 proven things which we can do to extend and improve the quality of their lives; things that I’m going to share with exclusively.

Maintaining their teeth extends their life



One of the most common and dangerous health problems that face our dogs is tooth decay. This disease, as stated by scientists, causes some serious infections which can destroy the body of your dog precisely the kidneys and the heart.

It’s obvious that dogs can’t have fresh breath and clean teeth as a human being but their gums must be healthy and clean. To do so, you can pass by the store and buy dog’s brush and toothpaste, it’s a special kit used to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

One more thing, the brush comes with two heads to facilitate the cleaning underneath gum line. This procedure must be carried at least twice a week.

Keeping them at a healthy weight extends their life

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Recently, obesity has become a problem to our pets too. A dog can become overweight when he eats human’s “fatty” food or when he eats too much of dog’s food; either way too much food can make your dog fat consequently affecting his health by causing some serious sicknesses.

Personally, I feed my dog organic food which is way better than the ordinary food.

Giving them regular exercises extends their life


The funny part is that dogs, as people, need some exercises. In fact, they need a daily exercise of one hour length to regulate their weight and improve their health.

In addition to your daily walks, you can go jogging with your dog, and it’d be a great idea if you take him to play with another dog, this way you can maintain both physical and emotional health of your furry pet.

Vaccination and regular checkups extend their life


It’s said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Visiting the veterinarian from time to time can help diagnosing illnesses at early stages which can be helpful to treat and cure them effectively.

Vaccination too, it’s considered, by the experts, as a powerful tool to extend your dog’s life. It’s recommended that puppies need to visit the veterinarian at least twice to three times a year and once a year for those fully grown.

As a conclusion I’d say that to extend your dog’s life you need to provide him with a healthy life style and treat him the same way you treat your family members, they are God’s gift to us!









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