25 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist (And Their Earnings) office movers


Mikel Ruffinelli – The World’s Biggest Hips office movers


She is now, very famous woman having the biggest hips in the world where she measures a staggering eight feet but she needs much money and she is too fat that she has to buy couple of seats on plane. she was live in Africa and contact the  office movers to go to us This mother of four kids from Los Angeles is very proud of what she is that she has no intention to lose weight.

Asha Mandela – The World’s Longest Dreadlocks



She is known to win the world record by having 55 feet locks which are longer than a london bus, but the 47 years old wants to have more feet locks. And yet, doctors warned her that she could paralyse herself. Asha owns her own lines and products.

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David Matlock – Created The Perfect Wife office movers


Veronica was bit fat when she met her future husband David Matlock. So David deicided to turn his his wife into a perfect woman in term of the body, and could do that thanks to a diet, harsh workout regime and body modifications. The couple is now happier than ever, they both seek to keep mainting their looks for the rest of their lives.


Michele Koebke – Small Waist


Michele Koebke  could shrunk her waist. from 64 cm to just 40cm by wearing a corset EVERYDAY for THREE YEARS. The 24 y o german model says that she seeks to shrunk her waist more to resemble her idol, the american model Cathie Jung by getting down to a tiny 38 cm.

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Kajol Khan – Indian Snake Girl own office movers


The best and favourite pals fo Kojan are the Deadly Cobra snakes, even though she has been bitten by them two times, she seeks to become a snake hunter just like her father.


Janice Haley – Keeps Bengal Tigers in Her Garden


Janice is known to have a garden where she keeps a couple of Bengal tigers, by making 70kg she perhaps wants to consider herself as their assistant.


Pakkirappa Hunagundi – Eating Bricks, Gravel & Mud


Pakkirappa started to eat a wide variety of non edible substances when he was only 10 years old. He says that he is very healthy and he doesn’t suffer from any disease. this man

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Mark Dumas – The Only Man Who Can Swim with a Polar Bear – and his cheap moving companies


The 60 years old british Columbian man is the only one in the world who has the ability to swim with a polar bear. He regularly goes for swimming in the pool with a 16 years old female polar bear agee, they both enjoy that this 60 years man was in poor family after he became famous and people start came from worldwide to see how play with bear

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Kann Trichan – Fries Chicken With Bare Hands


Kann has got a unique talent which is frying chicken with bare hands. His story is as follows : One day while working at his chicken stall in Chian Mai, Thailand, Kann Trichann saw a squirrel eating a mango and then dropping it into a pot filled with boiling oil. The oil splashed all over him, but he found out nothing happend to his skin.


Ibrahim Hamato – Plays Tennis Without Arms


The egyptian is fond of tennis table (or ping pong), He insists to practise this sport despite that he was born without arms, but that didn’t prevent him to realize his dream , achieve a good and become a great ping pong player.

4 ladies 4 meters of hair – her furniture movers campany

Meet Tara Lynn Svetlecich Russell, AKA the woman who raise five children, three of them form with her the longest pony tail at 4 meters. As the family keeps on growing, so does their collective hair, and we only wish to see how long it will grow. YouTube worth: $74,802. this only from YouTube because she did also  nice office furniture movers


Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.53.56 PM


Elisandy da cruz silva -tall model finds love

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 11.01.50 PM

6 Ft 8 Inch tall Brazilian model Elisany da Cruz Silva has found love – with 5 Ft 4 inch tall Francinaldo! Love truly has no boundaries. YouTube worth: $74,379 also those couple became one from biggest famous human with  house movers company wroth 10 million dollar


Romario dos santos alves

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 11.04.36 PM

Bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos Alves modeled himself on the incredible Hulk Hogan.

The 25-year-old turned to a cocktail of oil, painkillers and alcohol to pump up his biceps – with astounding results. That left him with good cash but with a catalog of serious health issues too. Not worth it, mate. YouTube worth: $82,145

Hunter steinitz a rare skin condition

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 11.08.28 PM

Harlequin Syndrome. That’s the name of the disease that affects her skin in ways that will remind people of a burning victim – skin peels, reddening and rashes.

the vampire twins -Simon and george cullen

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 11.26.42 PM

They share a name with Twilight‘s hero, Edward Cullen, and the vampiric features – they have sharpened teeth which look like fangs, they are pale and can’t be out in the sun for too long and can’t sweat as it causes their skin to blister. Other than that they live a pretty normal lives. YouTube worth: $46,158

Piyah Martell transgender teen star with no legs

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 12.20.35 AM


Piyah Martell was born in California and knew from a young age she was a woman trapped in a man’s body. She was also born with a unique condition – she’s got 2 tiny legs, but can’t use them.

Piyah (who also lost her mother at 8, and her step mom afterwards) makes the most out of her condition as she walks on her hands and sings with all her heart. YouTube worth: $25,186

sam berns

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 12.32.17 AM

The sweet old man looking fellow you see in the picture above is only 16! Sam Berns died at age 17 from a rare disease called progeria, but dedicated his short yet meaningful life to raise awareness to this disease.

HBO had a show about him and we recommend watching one of his inspiring speeches. YouTube worth: $60,186

Winnie harlow -a rare skin condition

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 12.34.29 AM

Canadian Winnie Harlow is a model who’s known for her rare skin condition which is called Vitiligo, who she had since she was 4 years old.

She became sort of a spokeswoman for the disease and is very proud of herself, not allowing the condition to effect her life and modelling career in any way. company office movers YouTube worth: $14,000

True vampire couple

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 12.27.07 AM

Meet the couple who like vampires so much, and the have also furniture moving companies or office movers they decided to act like them. The English couple drinks each other’s blood and like to eat raw meat among other behaviors they adapted from the nocturnal creatures. We hope they keep their little hobby to themselves and are not looking for night time feasts made out of locals. YouTube worth: $8918