20 brilliant ways to turn a pinecone into something wonderful!!


brilliant ways to turn a pinecone into something wonderful! for home remodeling ideas
On a recent trip to visit a dear friend who love diy stuff who lives in Maine or as it’s nicknamed the “Pine Tree State “and while I was walking her dog in the woods which was completely carpeted with pinecones, almost everywhere , I noticed something quite strange that caught my attention right away, two middle-aged men collecting hundreds of pine cones. Honestly, I wondered what on earth could they do with all of those pinecones? when was small i love diy stuff and crafts for kids
I was so curious so I approached them to satisfy my curiosity. Anyways, I was so amazed of all the ideas diy stuff they had in mind, they use them to make decorations for the house such as wreaths for home renovation ideas, ornaments and many other fantastic home renovation ideas I’m going to share with in the below 20 pinecone home renovation ideas photos.

19Pinecone Christmas tree



If you managed to gather pinenecones (or still can) why not make pineceone Christmas tree  which is my favorite from all home renovation ideas ? Simple to make one and easy  and they do look oh so adorable.



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