Cats are mind-blowing themselves. We spend hours with our cats every day. They are beautiful, funny, adorable and soft, sometimes they can be irritating but we love them anyway.

Every cat has some peculiarities which are common between all felines, but they also have some generalities which may not know about at all. Below are 15 mind-blowing things you didn’t know about cats.

1- Cats are flexible and fit because they don’t have collarbones

2- According to the encyclopedia of cats, there’re more cats than dogs in North America; approximately 30% of households own a cat.

3- There’s a group of cats named clowder

4- All kittens are born with blue eyes

5- At Queen’s university in Belfast, two psychologists said that most female cats use the right hand while male cats prefer the left hand.

6- In the world, there’re 40 recognized breeds of cats

7- A technique we, humans, can’t imitate. Cats purr while inhaling and exhaling

8- The author “of Is my cat a tiger?” mentioned that a cat’s speed run in a short distance is approximately 31mph and can jump five times his height in a single try

9- Roughly 100000 cats are fed by the British government to keep the mice population at a down rate.

10- $50000 dollars was the total cost of cloning, little Nicky, the first cloned cat in the world

11- The largest cat breed in the world is the Siberian tiger

12- 1/3 of cat’s awaken time is spent on cleaning themselves which makes them the cleanest animals.

13- Cats have an average of 130000 hairs per square inch

14- The Ashera is the most expensive cat breed in the world. It costs $125000. It is hybrid of the African serval, the domestic housecat and the Asian leopard cat.

15- Whiskers primary use is to measure if a cat can fit through an opening

The above 15 mind-blowing things is only 1/3 of the actual list. Cats always astonish us whether by their behavior or by the things they do. They are lovely creatures which makes life easier, happier and heartwarming when they are around.


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