Under 30 is generally the perfect and the adequate age for a woman to get pregnant. Despiste of the fact that lot of experts say we can start a family at any age, this age of starting can bring disadvantages to itself.

But the grandmother defied all odds and could give birth to a boy, she is the first one to do that at age of 100.

In today’s world, there are loads of treatments within medical boundaries that can do wonders. There are also many options to be fertile through various surgeries such as surrogacy, Vitro Fertilization, Turkey Baster Method etc.

Anatolia Vertadella, a 100 year-old, Italian woman became pregnant after a successful ovary transplant operation.

It became a controversial subject within many different healthcare professionals and senior doctors. They heavily criticized the decision to take the operation forward and doing the surgery.

At the end, the grandmother was lucky enough to have the consence of some and the operation that made in Turkey where it is fully legal. After delivering the baby, she said,”I am very happy and thankful to the doctors who performed the operation,” she admitted. “The feeling of giving a birth to the child is amazing and I am so grateful. This is a true blessing of God.”

“I could not procreate since I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For a long time I believed God was punishing me, but the God is real, and he is listens to our prayers, he has granted me with fertility at a age that is not less than a miracle,” she told the reporters.

A few expert surgeons have done the surgery. According to some, she is healthy, her other children share a great moments with her child.


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