10 things only 80’s kids can remember!


Moving out of my parents’ house, I went through my old stuff in the basement and to my surprise I found some of my old belongings that shaped my life in that time. Some of them I still remember using them as if it was just yesterday but others I barely recognize having them. It was really fun during that period of time, the eighties is probably the best and the funniest part of my life because I have so many good memories that still make me laugh until the present time. Today, I’m going to show you some of the things that most of you would recognize and might even laugh at them.

My old Walkman


Unlike today, I used to listen to the music using my Walkman which, when the batteries run out, slows down. But things have changed radically and people are using iPods and other technologies to listen to whatever music they want.

My cuddlies


The land of Wuz cartoon and its characters; Bumblelion, Butterbear, Eleroo and Moosel made me laugh so loud and so their cuddlies which had a soft touch.


Fashion designer toy


This was a toy that made me feel like a real-life fashion designer, it’s easy to use, all I did in that time, of course if my memory serves me right, was turning it.



I remember using them very often when I was not on my bicycle. I was one of those lucky kids because we had a roller disco nearby.


Different shapes and different colors erasers


When I was just a kid, I spent most of my money on collecting the different types of erasers, I really was into them. But now I lost almost all of them and what remained is only the quarter of my collection.

The pocket piano


This too was a nice toy, I truly felt like a pianist when I used it. Honestly, I tried composing some tunes but I couldn’t, it was funny though.

Brite the doll


It was my sister’s favorite doll, she enjoyed playing with it and it was her daughter, I really smile when I remember it. I’m going to put it in a box and send it to my sister.

Little Pony


My sister and I had many of them, I’m not sure how many exactly but I for sure remember the long hours we spent brushing their hairs.

The small purse


My sister used to bite those beads and left none of them on the beads purse.

Huggable puppy


I put my pound puppy in a box and gave him food and shelter, I really miss those days where life was really as sweet as honey.