10 Cool Uses Of Coca-Cola!


Many people use the coke only to drink. But did you know that the coke including the ice cold Coca-Cola is used in other things, not just in drinking ? Coca cola can be used in various practices such as killing bugs, removing rust , cleaning pans and improving your carpet. Now , we’re going to metion som of these ways as follows :

Defrost your windshield


You couldn’t clean and clear your windshield of ice ? Pour Coca-Cola across your windshield and wait 60 seconds. The result the removal caused by the potency of the cola.

Clean cooking pans


Coca-Cola is also used to wash the dirty pans by simmering this soft drink that will slowly break up harsh and difficult to remove residue.

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Removes bugs from your windshield


We can Coca-Cola in removing bugs for when you go to your car and you find a bug in you carglass , you can use it to remove the bug. But make sure to keep the cloth which you used to remove the bug far away from your vehicle to not to strip paint from it.

Remove rust from your car

Coca-Cola is considered as the best rust remover just by pouring some of the coke which will create a serviceable scrubbing pad.

Removes stains from fabric

You can apply Coca-Cola in various dark fabrics with grease or blood stains that generally found in cloths including shirts and pants.

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Cleans your car engine

Coca-Cola helps you to clean your car engine and get a new life for your vehicle, which is a practice used by distributors for several years.

Cooking with Coca-Cola

You can also use Coca-Cola to cook various plates by pouring some of the coke on the meats or anything else as a cook. You can also add some ketchup with the coke to the meats.

Clean old coins

You can use Coca-Cola to clean your old coins in case they are covered by something dirty. You can do that by Placing the coins in Coke for 10 minutes and watch your coins shine like new.

Clean your tiles

Coca-Cola is used as an alternative to remove grout from your bathroom and kitchen tiles. You must Pour Coke over the tiles, let stand for several minutes, and then wipe the area.

Removes gum from your hair

Don’t use scissors anymore to cut some of your hair in case there is a gum, Coca-Cola can help you to remove the gum from the hair by dipping the gummed area in a small bowl of Coke and let sit for several minutes. It will bring down the gum slowly.